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Re: [sumo-user] human driver behavior modeling

You can set vType attribute 'startupDelay' to add a fixed time delay when starting after having come to a stop (i.e. at a traffic light). The EIDM model also contains parameters to flatten the acceleration curve after startup ('Mflatness').

Am Do., 25. Mai 2023 um 17:03 Uhr schrieb HoujiaQD <qdhj15392814828@xxxxxxx>:
Hi, Jakob,

Typically, vehicles stopped at the intersection stop line proceed through the intersection immediately when the traffic light switches to green. However, I would like to simulate the behavior of human drivers who may be distracted by mobile phones in SUMO. In this scenario, human drivers might still remain stationary for a certain duration even after the green light is displayed. 

I am seeking guidance on whether there are any approaches or methods to prevent human-drived vehicles from immediately moving through the intersection as soon as the traffic light changes to green.

As always, many thanks !

Houjia Qidiao
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