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Re: [sumo-user] build minimal Docker container with sumo from sources

> To get an up to date sumo I build it from the  sources

You can also get a nightly build via
pip install -i eclipse-sumo

Am Mi., 17. Mai 2023 um 13:16 Uhr schrieb Peter Marschke (Fujitsu) <peter.marschke@xxxxxxxxxxx>:


I am using sumo in a Docker container together with python.

Sumo is used via TRACI and libsumo without any GUI. Tools like Netedit are not required


To get an up to date sumo I build it from the  sources but that creates a really big container (> 1.5 GB). So I am looking for ways to

Minimize the required space of the sumo build.


Is there a way to reduce the space requirements with additional build parameters?

  • Reduce number of required libs
  • Not build unused additional Tools



Thanks in advance for your support and best regards



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