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Re: [sumo-user] Questions about routeSampler

1. They are taken into account. I'm guessing that your counts aren't for one hour but instead for a day. routeSampler doesn't take into account a demand curve (unless you explicitly give multiple time intervals) and thus assumes the hourly flow is a fraction of the day and so GEH(0, 128 / 24) = 3.3 < 5
2. there are 3 counting locations where routeSampler placed less flow than specified in the input (among which are E10 and E112) and some other station with a deficit of 98 vehicles
3. the quantiles are for all underflow locations (it's a statistic on just 3 elements)
4. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to writing a proper publication on it.  However, please take note that the documentation was recently amended in the following sections

Am Mi., 17. Mai 2023 um 10:18 Uhr schrieb Florian Schnepf <florian.schnepf97@xxxxxx>:
I'm tryng to get a better understanding of demand generation. 
I made a simple network and let routeSampler generate traffic
Warning: no routes pass edge 'E10' (count 128)
Warning: no routes pass edge 'E112' (count 89)
Wrote 1151 routes (20 distinct) achieving total count 1407 (81.71%) at 11 locations. GEH<5 for 100.00%
Warning: underflow locations: count 3, min 89.00 (('E112',)), max 128.00 (('E10',)), mean 105.00, Q1 89.00, median 98.00, Q3 128.00 (total 315)
  1. Why is GEH<5 for 100% if no routes passes E10 and E112? Are the missing counts not taken into account?
  2. What means underflow locations: count 3 
  3. Are the posterior values the quantiles of all counts or only of the counts that are also used (i.e. all except count 128 and count 89)? 
    With both possibilities, I get other values
Are there any publications about the routeSampler besides the documentation?
Thanks in advance
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