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Re: [sumo-user] adding traffic light to an existing network

- the option is only available since version 1.16.0 (but actually you need to use the nightly version because it didn't work as intended when first released)
- the option will not change the junction type, only re-create the default plan for junctions that are already defined as traffic lights (and in the nightly version also change the type of control algorithm when combined with --tls.default-type)
- if you want to change the junction type either
  - use netedit (can be done efficiently by first selecting all junctions and then modifying their type all at once)
  - rebuild from plain xml
     - netconvert -s -p plain
     - sumo/tools/xml/ -f plain.nod.xml -t node -a type -v traffic_light -o plain2.nod.xml
     - netconvert -e plain.edg.xml -n plain2.nod.xml -x plain.con.xml --tls.default-type actuated

Am Mi., 17. Mai 2023 um 09:24 Uhr schrieb Reza Bahmani <rbaphysics1995@xxxxxxxxx>:
Im trying to change the junction rules of my existing .net.xml file from priority to traffic_light. I tried "netconvert -s --o --tls.rebuild --tls.default-type actuated" but the error " Error: On processing option '--tls.rebuild':
 No option with the name 'tls.rebuild' exists.
Error: Could not parse command line options.
Quitting (on error).." occurred. What should I do?
And also isn't there any problem with using traffic_light in junctions and simultaneously having junction to junction OD-demand ?
thanks in advance
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