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[sumo-user] Traci Pedestrians: Is it possible to have control about the simulation's time?


Is it possible to have control about the simulation's time?

With this code I can have 50 pedestrians walking in a network in a random way: 

        '--net-file', 'data/',
        '--route-file', 'test.pedestrians.rou.xml',
        '--prefix', 'ped',
        '--trip-attributes', 'departPos="random" arrivalPos="random"',
        '--end', '50']))
    traci.start([sumoBinary, '-c', os.path.join('data', 'test.sumocfg'), "--fcd-output", "fcd.xml"])

But at the end of all walks, about 18 minutes, the simulation stops and I need to get data for 13 hours.

I had help from Jakob Erdmann and could generate intermediate (--intermediate) walks to have por simulation time. But when I include this option, the "test.pedestrian.rou.xml" is empty and the simulations don't run anymore.


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