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[sumo-user] Dynamic bus lanes and vehicle movement


I'm trying to implement dynamic bus lanes (i.e., they are activated depending on the time of day)

I know I can set them with setAllowed()

My problem is that when I activate the bus lane, vehicles that would turn right before now re-route to turn around the block since the right turn was particular to that lane.

I wanted to make the vehicles use portions of the bus lane in case they want to turn right or even they would turn right from the second lane. I would need to change the connections from the junctions for the second one, so I'm not sure it's possible to do it dynamically.

As a workaround, I was thinking about splitting all the edges so they have a section close to the intersection that is always shared but would allow vehicles to change lanes to go straight, which is undesirable.

Is there some configuration or a better approach for this problem?

Thank you in advance


Marcelo d'Almeida

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