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Re: [sumo-user] edgedata_out.xml File

No, you don't have to. It will be created / overwritten automatically by SUMO. If you still face problems in generating meanData output, you can look at our tests about the feature at (the actual tests are in the sub-folders). If you want to run one of these tests, you can use to put all the necessary files together.






Betreff: [sumo-user] edgedata_out.xml File

Datum: 2023-03-20T14:16:49+0100

Von: "Zedric Banger II (zbanger)" <zbanger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

An: "sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx" <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>




When I run my simulation, the "edgedata_out.xml" file is not created. Does an empty file under the name need to have already been created?


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