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Re: [sumo-user] ZeroDivisionError in tlsCycleAdaptation

Thank you for the example input. The problem has been fixed ( and you can obtain an updated version at

PS: You network was affected by and I'd be interested to learn how you created your .net.xml.
PPS: Consider using

Am Fr., 3. März 2023 um 17:33 Uhr schrieb Frederik Bachmann <frederik.bachmann@xxxxxx>:



I tried to use the “” to adjust the tls in my network. Unfortunately, the attached ZeroDivisionError occurs.


The network is originally an “OSMWebWizard”-export and the tls have been guessed by the “netconvert” tool.

The files are too big for an email, you can find them here:


May I kindly ask if there is a solution to this problem?



Thank you.

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