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Re: [sumo-user] obtaining actual length of edge

Mostly yes. However, the details depend on how you wish to deal with intersections. If you sum up the coordinates from OSM (after projecting them to a Cartesian system) you will get the distance from the center of one intersection to another. In netedit you will get the distance from the end of one intersection to the stop line at the next intersection.
Also, OSM holds the center line of bidirectional roads. Wide curved roads differ in their distance between the two driving directions (even the lanes would really differ but sumo uses the average in most cases).

Am Mi., 22. Feb. 2023 um 20:30 Uhr schrieb PRAPUL POONACHA <prapulpoonacha@xxxxxxxxx>:
I assume that the length of the edge in netedit is derived from the cartesian coordinates. Is it possible to get an approximate length of the edge in metres if the network is extracted from an osm file? 

My idea was that I need to map the cartesian coordinates of the start node, shape nodes and end node to WGS84 coordinates and then obtain the distance, Am i correct?

Thanks and regards
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