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Re: [sumo-user] Vehicle not using the link road which is free to turn

The easiest fix is to disallow right turns from the two-lane edge and thereby force right-turning traffic to use the by-pass (this corresponds to a typical turn lane assignment in the presence of by-pass roads).

Am Mo., 30. Jan. 2023 um 11:50 Uhr schrieb PRAPUL POONACHA <prapulpoonacha@xxxxxxxxx>:
I am running a simulation with a route file created by duarouter. 

For some reason, the vehicles do not turn on the lane indicated in the picture though it is free. I know that this could be solved by giving trip files and letting 'sumo' route at run time to avoid jams, but I wanted this behaviour with a route file. 
Could you please tell me a possible solution

The turning lane is a secondary_link road with a priority of 6 while the main road is secondary with priority of 11.
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