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Re: [sumo-user] Restricting edge data output to a list of edges not working

Most likely your SUMO version does not support this feature (it was added in 1.13.0).

Am Di., 24. Jan. 2023 um 14:05 Uhr schrieb PRAPUL POONACHA <prapulpoonacha@xxxxxxxxx>:
I am currently trying to get the edge data output for only a list of edges in my simulation. I have created an additional file with an attribute 'edges' which contains the edges whose output I desire to have.
Below is how my additional file looks like,

<edgeData id="edge_id" file="edge_data_output.xml" freq="180" end="3600" writeAttributes="id sampledSeconds" edges="-1000645724 -1000648313" />"

I have also tried giving the attribute edgesFile with a file containing a list of edges. But both don't seem to work. 
Could you please help me on this one.

Regards and thanks, 
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