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Re: [sumo-user] Multiple environments in reinforcement learning

Hi Jordan,
can you give more details on your system? Some systems limit the nummber of open sockets or have a large delay on freeing a closed socket (especially Windows). If this does not apply here I am afraid you can only try to catch the exception and restart the sumo instance possibly after some wait.

Best reagrds,

Am 17.01.23 um 09:25 schrieb Jordan Poots:

I've been using reinforcement learning with sumo and recently passed over to a new system. I keep finding on this new system I have errors where my training collapses due to some sort of collision when trying to open a new environment. Note that this error is not immediate, this particualr one occured over 1.5m training steps in.

Error: tcpip::Socket::accept() Unable to create listening socket: Address already in use
Quitting (on error).

Is there a way to ensure this doesn't happen?



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