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[sumo-user] Importing public transit info using edited network from OSM

Hi SUMO Team,

Our team was using SUMO to generate a real-life simulation for a city, so we imported data using the osmWizard first without public transit info(which could be a mistake). But now we come to the stage where we need information about public transport. 

The problem is that as we already trimmed down the unwanted part of the map, and after iterations of network editing(including joining junctions and connection calibrating, etc.), some of the edges and junction ids are not the same as we had at the beginning. Now I tried to generate the needed files according to the documentation using osm data. And as I added these files to the network, e.g. the ptline XML file where the bus stops and line information are stored, SUMO would just crash. 

My conjecture of the reason is discrepancies of edge id or geo-locations. So our question is: would it be possible to import automatically the public transit information without having to fix the routes manually?

Thank you and best regards,

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