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Re: [sumo-user] question regarding sumo lane change

The default look-ahead distance for strategic decision has a maximum range of about 3000m. You can reduce this distance by setting vType attribute 'lcStrategic' to a value in [0, 1[. Note, that this may cause jamming if many vehicles suddenly find themselves in a situation where they have to change multiple lanes over a short distance.

Am Mo., 9. Jan. 2023 um 10:21 Uhr schrieb Mahima <mahima13@xxxxxxxxx>:

I can see that in the current sumo implementation, vehicle lane change is dependent upon the whole route visibility of this vehicle. Is there a way so that the vehicle lane change decision takes place only as per the next edge visibility and not the whole route.

For instance, if I run the same vehicle with a shorter route and a longer route, the lane change decisions will be different.

Can we change this implementation in sumo code? Can you please help me with this?

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