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[sumo-user] Custom Projection in NETCONVERT

Dear all,
I want to convert my SUMO network into another projection system
(EPSG:25832) and I set --proj EPSG:25832 in my netconvert
configuration. However, I keep getting the following error which I
think is caused by not finding proj.4  and its data package, even
though I think I have installed it:
proj_create: Cannot find proj.db
proj_create: no database context specified
Error: Could not build projection!
Quitting (on error).

I tried it on my Linux computer where I think Proj is properly
installed and there I get still an error message saying:

proj_create: SQLite error on SELECT name, coordinate_system_auth_name,
coordinate_system_code, geodetic_crs_auth_name, geodetic_crs_code,
conversion_auth_name, conversion_code, area_of_use_auth_name,
area_of_use_code, text_definition, deprecated FROM projected_crs WHERE
auth_name = ? AND code = ?: no such column: area_of_use_auth_name
Error: Could not build projection!
Quitting (on error).
I would appreciate any tips to make this work.


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