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Re: [sumo-user] Possible bug of E3 detectors in SUMO 1.15.0

I figured it out. I think it is because too many warning messages make the simulation stop. It can be resolved by canceling warning messages.

yu tang <herrtangvonjj@xxxxxxxxx> 于2022年11月23日周三 16:04写道:
Hi all,

Recently I have upgraded SUMO to the latest version. Unfortunately I find my model can't run any more and always get stuck in the beginning. I have tested it in the version 1.14.1 and find it still works in the old version. 

The reason may lie in E3 detectors. In the version 1.15.0, the simulation stops if E3 sensors detect vehicles passing the exit sensors but not passing entry sensors, which is possible in a traffic network. In my project, I only want to measure travel time through some particular arterials.

Best regards,

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