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Re: [sumo-user] Car-Following Models: CACC

The simulation step-length is a technical limit to the reaction time of all vehicles in sumo. If you set a low enough step length you can use a very low tau without having to worry about unsafe driving. The default tau is 1 (which is also the default step-length). See

Am Di., 22. Nov. 2022 um 01:36 Uhr schrieb David Oswald <roswa001@xxxxxxx>:

I have a follow-up question for this.

So if I use CACC as the car-following model, can I use a very low tau without having to worry about unsafe driving? Is there a default tau value for CACC?


Thank you,





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You can assign the CACC car-following model to a specific vType similarly to other car-following models currently implemented in SUMO (e.g. IDM).

Overview of CACC car-following model in SUMO:

CACC car-following model parameters:,_Vehicle_Types,_and_Routes.html#car-following_model_parameters


Evangelos Mintsis


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Subject: [sumo-user] Car-Following Models: CACC




In order to use the CACC car-following, do I just need to put it in the vehicle definition the same way I would do the IDM car-following model? Is there anything special I would need to do for CACC?


Thank you.





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