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Re: [sumo-user] Retrieving geo positions in TraCI.NET

Indeed, the .NET client API appears to be incomplete in that area. Here are some ideas for a workaround:

- use a different client language (python, java, C++)
- use python / sumolib only for position conversion:
- help us build feature complete .NET bindings via SWIG (see,

Am Di., 27. Sept. 2022 um 13:13 Uhr schrieb Nick Litjens <litjens.nick@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello everyone,
For a group project in uni we're using SUMO as traffic simulation for our software.
We'd like to retrieve geo locations per step through the CI but there doesn't seem to be any usable methods for this. We're able to successfully retrieve the normal x and y positions, but these are not going to be used. Does anyone know how to convert them or how to properly get the geo values we're looking for? I've gone through the code to see what's possible and it kind of looks like it was not fully implemented, Am I missing something?

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