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[sumo-user] Emission Class values

I'm a student of computer and telecommunications  engineering, currently in the fourth year in Cape Verde. I have done a simulation in SUMO using the "HBEFA4-based" emission class having 4 categories of fuel vehicles (Passenger Car - "PC Diesel – Euro 3"; Truck - "RT_gt14-20t_Euro-III"; Bus - "UBus_Std_gt15-18t_Euro-III"; and Heavy Moto - "MC_4S_gt250cc_Euro-3") and 3 electric vehicles (ePC, eBus, eMoto) using the emission Class "Energy" with the proper parameters. 
I would like to ask the community two questions, the first is about the HBEFA4-based emission class, I saw that there is an error percentage associated with each type of emission, I would like to know if this error percentage is relative to reality or is it relative to the old model (HBEFA3).

The second question is about the emission class "Energy", the class for electric vehicles, the noise values for the electric cars simulated are practically the same or even higher than fuel cars, maybe this doesn't make sense.

i Appreciate your help.

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