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Re: [sumo-user] Trying to cut a map and keep edges with coordinates

The cartesian coordinates to use in are the same coordinates that are shown in sumo-gui in the lower right corner (or that you get when right-clicking on a location and select 'copy cursor position to clipboard'.
The simplest way to obtain such coordinates is to open the network in netedit, create a 'poly' of the desired shape and then copy its shape attribute.
Note, that you can also use netedit directly to crop your network.
(For the record, the default coordinate transformation used by netconvert is UTM which has a different EPSG code for each zone but netconvert also applies a fixed offset)

Am Do., 22. Sept. 2022 um 14:55 Uhr schrieb Lucien HEMMI <lucien.hemmi@xxxxxxxxx>:

I have a SUMO network. I want to cut it in a smaller network to work with, which mean keeping only the edges in a part of the map.
For that purpose, i have found 2 functions : (min X, min Y, max X, max Y)

From what i understand, these functions are pretty similar except they don't accept the same type of coordinates. I tried to use which is asking Cartesian coordinate.
However, considering that there are more than 90 results if you look for EPSG searching cartesian.
I tried the most obvious one with EPSG4978 which basically correspond to WGS84 - Cartesian 3D Geocentric. 
I took GPS coordinates that interested me on OpenStreetMap, converted them to radian then converted them in EPSG4978 (i used Pyproj making my own code, but also online tools and it works just fine).
It cause an error telling me there is no existing edges which let me suppose i have entered the wrong coordinate. (I have tried with absurd min and max and it does work and give me all the map).

So do i use the correct EPSG for this function ? If yes, does my process about convertion has issues ?
Any hint would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

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