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Re: [sumo-user] Netedit to visualise network

I see two possibilities here:
1) extract the network shape to a common format (i.e. kml or geojson) and use some external tooling to visualize it as desired. see
2) work with the facilities of netedit or rather sumo-gui which provides a few more gui settings:
- the quickest way to achieve custom road colors is something like 'color by priority / color by speed / color by param'. Either of these attributes could be prepared in netedit and then you just need to configure the colors corresponding to the attributes in the settings dialog
- to have all building shapes in grey, modify the polyconvert typemap before extracting the shapes from your original osm data (
- to have the directional arrows either
   - select 'show lane direction' in the settings (only works at mid-to-low zoom)
   - load custom shapes i.e. poly or pois with imgFile
   - place a vehicle on each road where you want to show the direction (they conveniently render as triangles by default) and adjust their colors and size exaggeration to the desired level. if you place them with departSpeed=max and color-by-speed and also configured your roads to color-by-speed (with dummy speed values to achieve the desired colors) then the vehicle colors can easily be made to match


Am Di., 20. Sept. 2022 um 12:20 Uhr schrieb <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Jakob and Team, 

Is there a Netedit feature to visualise the created road network? Iáll need a network visualisation similar to the attached (arrows showing all possible paths and turns). What tool would you recommend to turn the XML to such visuals?
Attaching my network, too.

Thank you


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