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Re: [sumo-user] How to reset the vehicle which just arrived the road end?

The easiest solution is to define an edge that connects the end with the start and then declare this back-edge as having a length of 0.1m (i.e. with netedit).
Possibly this is also useful to you:

Am Mo., 19. Sept. 2022 um 00:19 Uhr schrieb Zhuofei Wu <wu.zhuofei@xxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,


I’m trying to set a simulation on a two-end-point highway. The vehicles would go from one node to the other one.


If a vehicle arrived at the end point of one lane, I want it to appear at the start point of the same lane immediately. I have searched this on the internet for a while, but nothing was found. Maybe I was not choosing the right keywords.


What should I do? Thank you very much!




Best wishes,



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