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Re: [sumo-user] Cadyts Error message

see (a quick fix would be to use sumo version 1.6.0 for running cadyts).

Am Do., 15. Sept. 2022 um 11:36 Uhr schrieb Andi Kunz <andi-kunz@xxxxxxx>:



I am trying to calibrate travel demand for my network using Cadyts. I am aware that Cadyts is no longer official Sumo package.

However, I installed it manually through the official website of Cadyts and by considering advice for the installation from previous threads from this mailing list.


To test Cadyts I employed the following workflow. I generated trips using for my simulation period and then generated routes using duarouter and included the parameter  - -exit-times as required by Cadyts for the “route-alternatives”-file. I converted my measurements coming from induction loop detectors using and also added the parameter - - cadyts so that the “realflows”-file is in the correct format.


Now when I run in my working directory with the following command.


python -n -r routes.rou.alt.xml -d edgedata.xml -b 0 -e 5400


I receive the following error.


Error: Could not save configuration to '000/iteration_000.sumocfg'

Quitting (on error).

Execution of ['C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Eclipse\\Sumo\\bin\\sumo', '-c', '0/iteration_000.sumocfg'] failed. Look into cadySumo-log.txt for details.


There seems to be an issue when tries to create the sumo configuration file for an iteration step. Is this a known error? Do I have to setup my files for differently?


Thanks in advance!


Best Regards


Andreas Kunz

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