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Re: [sumo-user] Vehicle lane change state

Thanks, for your reply.
I am using the default car following and lane change models.
Actually, I am working on a parallel version of sumo and I am moving vehicles from one partition to another. With the vehicle I also want to copy the lanechange state and value of keepRightProbability. So that my vehicle shows the same lane change behavior as it was on the previous partition. Currently, when I am just moving the vehicle without copying the lanechange state it is showing sudden lane change to right at the red traffic light. On the other hand, if run on sumo it stays on the leftmost lane for all these timesteps.

I read the following and thought of copying the lanechangestate as well.
In the current lane-changing model, each vehicle maintains a variable keepRightProbability which is decremented over time and triggers a lane change to the right once a lower threshold value is exceeded (negative values are used in allusion to the variable speedGainProbability).

Please suggest how I can set the same lane change bitmask.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 10:44 AM Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This cannot currently be done.
What effects in terms of simulation behavior would you like to see in response to changing the lane change state?

Am Do., 15. Sept. 2022 um 09:30 Uhr schrieb Mahima <mahima13@xxxxxxxxx>:

I have a query regarding setting lane change state of a vehicle. I am moving a vehicle using moveTo. I also want to set the same lane change state of this vehicle as at the previous position.

Please suggest how this can be done.

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