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Re: [sumo-user] Manual setup between phase state character and lane character and of connection in traffic light

Hi Andrea

for me the tests in SUMO are pretty helpful. If you downloaded the complete SUMO you can issue under Linux a command like

    find tests -name '*.xml' -print0|xargs -0 grep -l connection.*link|grep -v net.xml

This prints the names of all xml files containing connection and link and not ending with net.xml

You find for example this test


See also for extracting a test

You can specify the linkIndex in a tll.xml file, which can be passed to  nextconvert via --tllogic-files

As far as I understood link indices, every connection in a node must have a unique linkIndex.

So if two connection are controlled by one traffic light, you have to give the appropriate letter twice in the phase definition.

Best regards, Harald


Am 03.08.22 um 19:57 schrieb Andrea Castegnaro:

Hi sumo community,

We are building a 3d visualizer that can create road networks and export them to sumo using netconvert with the plain xml files.
We are trying to insert traffic lights at desired junctions. At the moment we are using the automatic generation using netconvert with the “” option by marking the type of the junction.

However is it possible to still have the netconvert automatic generation but for each junction specify which lane connection is associated with which character in phase state string?
I have read previously that “linkindex” property might be helpful for this, but I have the following questions:


  1. In which file to I need to specify this parameter?
  2. Let s say for a given lane I have side turns and going straight but I want to use only 1 signal for all of these possibility (basically instructing the group signal). Do I need just to assign the same linkindex to all of the connections from the given lane?
  3. Is there any example of the plain xml file with the traffic light information that should be given to netconvert to help the program generation?


I would really appreciate any help,
Best regards,


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