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[sumo-user] Vehicle insertion in simulation run


I am running a simulation in sumo using jtrrouter with flow file and turnratio file as the input file. The departlane option is set "random" but the vehicle are getting inserted only from the leftmost lanes in all the edges throughout the network. All the  edges have 3 lanes but vehicle is getting inserted from the lane with index 0 leaving the other two lanes free. Though soon after the vehicle enters the simulation, due to the lane changing model the vehicles are getting changed to second an third lane, but  the number of vehicle getting inserted is reduced to one-third of the actual flow value(VehperHour) input. I have tried several options for departLane values like  "free", "best", "'. But still the problem is there. Is there any other options that I must try so that the vehicle get inserted from all the 3 lanes in the edge simultaneously? 

Attached hereby is the video of the simulation.

Thanks in advance!

Attachment: VID-20220730-WA0008.mp4
Description: video/mp4

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