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Re: [sumo-user] CitiMobile tutorial - person jam and collisions

The 'jamming' happens by design when the number of waiting persons exceeds the capacity of a busStop. In this case persons cannot enter the stop and become 'jammed' on the sidewalk.  Thus, the warning is generally not a problem.

However, there seems to be some needless jamming on top of that: 
And the reported collisions could be a collateral of that:


Am Fr., 27. Mai 2022 um 14:09 Uhr schrieb Manish Chaturvedi <msc.nit@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear SUMO users,

When I run the Citi mobile tutorial, after some time (approx 600 seconds), it shows warning messages   "person <ID> jammed on edge <ID> Time=XX:"  ; 

Also, there are few warnings of the form "Collision of Person <ID> and Person <ID> on Lane=XX , Time=XX"; which increases significantly towards the end of the simulation specifically when no bus is available. 

What is the cause of this warning? Does it represent some error in the scenario? Please suggest.


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