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Re: [sumo-user] Flow definition using Poisson

period="exp(0.01)" ....

(the period between vehicles comes from an exponential distribution)

Am Di., 24. Mai 2022 um 12:50 Uhr schrieb Radha Reddy <radha.reddy.ipp@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Again,

I tried to define the flow using Poisson distribution in the following way.

            <interval begin="0" end="4000">
                <flow id="f1" probability="exp(0.01)" type="VehType" route="fromNorth"/>
            <interval begin="0" end="4000">
                <flow id="f2" probability="exp(0.01)" type="typedist2" route="fromNorth1"/>

But I end up with an error

Error: Attribute 'probability' in definition of flow 'f1' is not of type float.
Error: flow cannot be created

Am I missing something? Where it went wrong please suggest to me.


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