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Re: [sumo-user] Calculating time-to-collision

Easy to fix

في الجمعة، ١٣ مايو ٢٠٢٢ ٣:٤٣ ص Mariam Wessam Hassan Mohamed Nour <mariam.nour@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> كتب:

Hi all,


I’m trying to calculate time to collision at every time step for each vehicle in sumo.


I’m getting the spacing between each two vehicles as well as the speed of the leader using the getLeader function. Then I use the equation ((spacing+minGap)/difference in speed) to get ttc.

The gap calculation was based on this (


On the other hand, every vehicle is equipped with an SSM device to calculate ttc. So I’m also able to directly get ttc values for each vehicle using traci.vehicle.getParameter(veh, "device.ssm.minTTC"). However, this ttc value and the one I calculate above don’t match.


Am I calculating ttc using wrong values in the first approach? If not, then what could be the problem?





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