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[sumo-user] Different behavior when setting Lane change mode vs. setting lcParameters


My belief: The lane change mode 512 is supposed to disable all autonomous lane-changing except for safety-gap enforcement and collision avoidance. So setting lcSpeedGain=0 or lcStrategic=0 should be pointless, since that is the same effect achieved by setting lane change mode to 512, since bits 0 through 6 are all set to 0 : do no strategic changes, do no cooperative changes, do no speed gain changes, do no right drive changes;

Discovery: When I set lcStrategic=0, lcCooperative=0, and lcSpeedGain=0  on my vType anyway as such:
<vType lcStrategic="0" lcCooperative="0" lcSpeedGain="0" carFollowModel="Krauss" color="0,1,0" id="veh" latAlignment="center" lcKeepRight="0" lcLookaheadLeft="1" lcOvertakeRight="1" lcSpeedGainRight="1" length="5" sigma="0" speedDev="0" speedFactor="1.0" />
The behaviour seems to have changed drastically.

With an LC mode of 512,
1. Without setting the 3 lcParams, it takes 100 vehicles 477s to reach the end of a 1000m road with 2 lanes, with a small blockage from (500 - 750m) on one of the lanes.
2. Setting the 3 lcParams, it takes the same only 262s

Doubt: Am I misunderstanding what autonomous lane-changing means? Or are the two: lcParams and lane change mode not equivalent in the way I have mentioned?

Please advise.

Thank you.


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