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Re: [sumo-user] irregularitiy in the pollutant emissions

1. if a vehicle stops with attribute parking="true", it no longer records emissions (up to the time where the stop ends and it tries to re-enter the network)
2. if a vehicle returns from the "parking" state, road traffic will generally not be are of it's wish to re-enter the road and thus not open a gap

Both issues can be solved by modelling each bus bay with an extra lane and having the bus stay on that lane during it's stop.

Am Fr., 29. Apr. 2022 um 00:15 Uhr schrieb ali mirzaei <alimrz222@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi everyone,
Using the ~.setStop() method, my buses start performing station operations where they were previously assigned. The emission class is "HBEFA3/PC_G_EU4". 
1 - After observing some irregularities in the emission curves, I evaluated the emission outputs and found that at the moment the vehicle arrived at the station, the whole emission attributes turned to zero and after that no data of the vehicle was recorded for the duration length. This process stops when the vehicle leaves the station and the pollution information is recorded again. Why does this happen? 
2 - When I add more vehicles to the road to simulate the rush hour effect on the operation, the merging of the bus would not happen in the determined period. How can I fix it?
Best regards,

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