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[sumo-user] Lateral offset 1.0 causes perma-blockage


By some chance, there are certain vehicles that seem to stick to a side of the lane when using the sublane model (SL2015). In that case, they cannot get past the blockage on the other lane because they are too close to it. They also cannot perform a "lane change" to get away from the blocked lane because they are already on the unblocked lane (but on the far left edge of it closest to the blockage; please see attached screenshot).

The lane change mode is set to 513 (which means apart from collision avoidance and safety-gap enforcement, SUMO only controls strategic lane changes - which I assume happen at the end of the route during arrival time?)

The relevant parameters I've identified that control this lateral alignment

departPosLat, default: "center"
arrivalPosLat, no default (not set)
latAlignment, default "center"
minGapLat, default: 0.6
lcSublane, default: 1.0
lcPushy, default: 0
lcPushyGap, default: minGapLat
lcLaneDiscipline, default: 0

What combination of set parameters would ensure that the vehicle will always treat a lane change such that it maintains a central position at all times?

Thank you.


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