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Re: [sumo-user] permitted stop places for the public transport vehicles

A busStop counts as reached as long as the vehicle overlaps it with at least half it's length.
If you make a long busStop, multiple vehicles will stop there at the same time. They will automatically pick a suitable spot along the busStop length.
In the latest development version ( you can also force a vehicle to stop at an earlier position by setting attribute endPos together with attribute busStop.


Am Do., 14. Apr. 2022 um 14:48 Uhr schrieb ali mirzaei <alimrz222@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi everyone,
As I understand, in SUMO, public transport operates at the endpoint of the stations. Is it possible to force the public vehicles to do the picking up and dropping off the passenger at the other positions?
P.S. Depending on the situation, the public transport driver may have to stop where he is not allowed to.
Best regards,
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