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Re: [sumo-user] Most bus stops were missing using OSM WebWizard

Please provide the following information
- a (small) sample osm file from the area can be used to replicate your problem (i.e. osm_bbox.osm.xml.gz  from the webwizard)
- the osm id of a busstop contained in that osm file which is missing in the exported add.xml


Am Sa., 2. Apr. 2022 um 00:33 Uhr schrieb Zhenglin Wei via sumo-user <sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Dear all,

Hi, I was using OSM WebWizard to download public transportations for an area in Washington DC but almost all bus stops were missing from the osm_stop.add.xml file in a result that bus routes only include their departing bus stations without any intermediate stations. All Metro stations seem to be correctly included in the osm_stop.add.xml. Is there anything wrong with the way to collect bus stops or if you have any other ways to collect bus stops and routes data, please let me know!

Thank you.

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