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[sumo-user] Different delay values from E3 detector and statistics output

I am trying to estimate the intersection delay for a simple intersection with one way major street (one lane)  and one way minor street (one lane).
I used E3 detector to get the delay and compared the delay with the delay from the summary output and with the HCM method (after estimated the critical headway (tc)  and the follow-up (tf) times for the minor street vehicles,which were in my case tc=9.8984 seconds  tf= 4.4464 seconds).
The delay  from the E3 detector = meanTimeLoss="41.61" seconds
The delay from the summary output = timeLoss="216.28" seconds
(vehicleTripStatistics routeLength="1345.30" speed="5.27" duration="313.33" waitingTime="0.87" timeLoss="216.28" departDelay="122.52" departDelayWaiting="232.00" totalTravelTime="277296.90" totalDepartDelay="135112.00")
Which value should I use when comparing the delay with the HCM? and why are they significantly different?

The example I used is attached.

Please note that I am using sumo Version v1_12_0+1571-290a748b45c under ubuntu 22.04 (development version).


Usama E. Shahdah
Assistant Professor
Public Works Engineering Department
Faculty of Engineering
Mansoura University, Egypt
Email: usama.shahdah@xxxxxxxxxxx
Telephone: +20-1287981901 (Whatsapp)

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