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Re: [sumo-user] Traci: How to get SUMO warnings

there is currently no API to retrieve warnings. The error output should be flushed in every step so you could try to consume stderr of the simulation process directly.
Alternatively, you could monitor the acceleration values of all vehicles in every step to detect abnormal deceleration.


Am Mi., 16. März 2022 um 08:53 Uhr schrieb Patrick Göttsch <patrick.goettsch@xxxxxxx>:

I would like to know how to get SUMO warnings like:

 >>Warning: Vehicle 'vertical_NS_2.43' performs emergency stop at the
end of lane 'gneE33_0' because of a red traffic light (decel=-10.15,
offset=4.87), time=836.00.

using traci to analyse them while running a SUMO simulation interfaced
with traci.

Thanks a lot

Kind regards,


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