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Re: [sumo-user] statistics output & summary output


perhaps I was a bit misunderstanding. Therefore I point out mor clearly that without using the -c command line option, no summary is generated. At the moment I cannot say whether this condition also applies to statistics output, since I did the tests on my office computer.

Regarding buildup of summary data in memory (array) or disk: Well, let me compare with statistics output. This is something that IS build up into memory and is flushed into the file at the very moment of closing the final simulation end dialog with "yes" (closing view & files). Whether it's only flushing the file output buffer or outputting a data structure at that time is secondary.


Am 14.03.2022, 08:53 Uhr, schrieb Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx>:

The documentation already says "The elements vehicleTripStatistics, pedestrianStatistics, rideStatistics and transportStatistics are only generated when either of the options --duration-log.statistics or --tripinfo-output are set."

I've now put this into a yellow box to make it more visible.
Note: the reason why this isn't on by default is because the additional bookkeeping required by this feature can slow down the simulation.

> I'd suggest to accumulate the summary in memory and output it at once to file, because this wouldn't slow down simulation.

I'm not sure I understood the suggestion. Do you propose that accumulating in memory would bring a speedup or that it would bring some other benefit (without slowing down the simulation)?

best regards,

Am Mi., 9. März 2022 um 15:04 Uhr schrieb Rob Maris <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Approx. a month ago I started sumo sometimes with --statistic-output <FILE>.

Now, as I'm going to use this feature again, that means starting sumo-gui from the commandline, I did not get it working, which resulted in some frustration...
After inspecting old invocations from .bash_history, I saw that I also used the -c option. Then it works. Despite the fact that duration-log.statistics is defined in the xxx.sumocfg file.

I'd suggest to add this condition to get it working also in, preferably accompanied with a reference to or to

Regarding the summary output: I see that the file is growing during simulation. And that the file is accessible after Simulation end when the dialog box "Simulation ended" is responded to with "No" to close files & views.
I'd suggest to accumulate the summary in memory and output it at once to file, becaus this wouldn't slow down simulation.

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