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Re: [sumo-user] Sumo-gui crashes as reading my file


I made for you now

On Thu, 10 Mar 2022 at 15:13, Thanhnt Nguyen <> wrote:
Dear all
I am a newbie of SUMO and yesterday I wrote my own .net.xml file to simulate a scenario
The .net.xml is opened by netedit and the tool shows topology like this:

Then I add a new edge "J5_0" 
<edge id=":J5_0" function="internal">
        <lane id=":J5_0_0" index="0" speed="10.00" length="8.31" width="4.00" shape="-38.95,6.00 -41.20,6.32 -42.81,7.29 -43.78,8.90 -44.1,11.15"/>
        <lane id=":J5_0_1" index="1" speed="10.00" length="14.76" width="4.00" shape="-38.95,2.00 -42.95,2.57 -45.81,4.29 -47.53,7.15 -48.1,11.15"/>
The netedit still opens .net.xml however, the sumo-gui 1.12.0 crashes unexpectedly and it prints no report for revealing any details.
I would say "J5_0" is the problem but I don't know why the crash happened and how to fix it.
Could you please help me figure it out? I read the document on the SUMO website but I have not yet solved. My purpose is just to copy two edges over here:
Thank you in advance
PS: I attached the .net.xml and rou.xml in "" file
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