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Re: [sumo-user] GLOSA implementation

- in case you were not aware of this, SUMO already supports a glosa device that works without TraCI and can be enabled via options or xml inputs:
- SUMO does not model a communication layer. If you want to implement your own GLOSA functions, you can use TraCI to retrieve any possible information from vehicles and infrastructure and to update vehicle behavior accordingly. Any kind of impediment to communication (i.e. due to range or interference) must be code explicitly by the TraCI client (you)


Am Mi., 2. März 2022 um 17:08 Uhr schrieb Nathan <261100nc@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hello all,


I am wanting to implement a GLOSA device into my simulation, I have been trying to follow the SUMO documentation, however I am finding it difficult to add this into my simulation.


I believe that I will need to be using TRACI to enable the vehicles and the traffic lights to be able to communicate, is it possible that I can be directed as to how to enable this communication to happen?


Thank you in advance




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