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[sumo-user] Convert the .shape file en SUMO network file

Dears Collègues, 

I am a beginners in the use of SUMO software. I need to model a roundabout to analyze traffic. 

I modeled the current state by putting the network on SUMO from an OSM file extract that was converted to a SUMO network file, and the simulation works for the current state.

For the projet situation I have planned three variants that require modifications on the current network and in particular at  the roundabout. 

I made the changes to a. shape file, only i couldn't concert thé file. shape and SUMO network file. I tried to convert using netconvert but received an error message:

SUMO Washington compiled without GDAL support and no nodes loaded#8058

How do we solve this problem ? 

If there is no possibility to convert the. shape  file by netconvert, is it possible to mount the SUMO network of the projected variants manually respecting the links and geometry of the projected variant, in which case according to what procédures ? 

Tanks in avance

ADANE Nassim

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