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[sumo-user] SUMO Queries

Dear SUMO Community

I would be thankful if you could answer the following questions:

1. I want to generate a flow of vehicles say vehPerHour=5000, and another single vehicle say vehID="EGO" on the same route, is there any way to monitor the EGO vehicle and store its output in the file. For instance, I want to see how did the vehicle behave during the traveling time. Did it collide with any vehicle or how many times did it change the lane, total travel time and time loss, etc.

2. How do we define moving average if the vehicle is traveling on a straight road. How can we calculate it in the SUMO?

3. I have a straight road of 1 Km with 2 lanes and I generated a flow with the following <flow> settings. I want to simply simulate that if the number of vehicles is more on the road, there will be congestion and the speed of the vehicles will be slow and vice versa. But when I plot the results using Edge data freq="60" I do not get the desired results.

Also, the right side of the attached graph is empty why, no data is plotted on those points.

Please guide me where I am making mistakes.

<vType id="default" vClass="passenger" color="green" sigma="1" speedDev="0.3" speedFactor="1.2"/>
    <route edges="E0" color="green" id="route_0"/>

    <flow id="flow_0" type="default" begin="0" route="route_0" end="3600" departSpeed="avg" departLane="best" vehsPerHour="7000"/>

Thank you

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