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[sumo-user] using Calibrator with routeProbe

Dear all,

I was trying to test the calibrator for a network without any ODs following the instructions on:
I have created an additional file in which I define an edge calibrator to increase the flow on that edge to 2500 veh/h (just to make sure I can make it work). But it seems that the calibrator doesn't add that many vehicles. I can see in the detector output that it adds only 20 vehs. Is there something that I am missing? 

Thanks for the help.

<calibratorstats xmlns:xsi=""; xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="";>
    <interval begin="0.00" end="3600.00" id="cali_315202567" nVehContrib="44" removed="0" inserted="20" cleared="0" flow="44.00" aspiredFlow="2500.00" speed="12.70" aspiredSpeed="-1.00"/>
    <interval begin="3600.00" end="7200.00" id="cali_315202567" nVehContrib="56" removed="0" inserted="30" cleared="8" flow="56.00" aspiredFlow="5000.00" speed="0.16" aspiredSpeed="-1.00"/>
   <vType id="t0" speedDev="0.1"/>
   <routeProbe id="cali_315202567_probe" edge="315202567" freq="600" file="output_routeProbe.xml"/>
   <route id="cali1_fallback" edges="315202567"/>
   <calibrator id="cali_315202567" edge="315202567" pos="0" output="detector.xml" freq="600" routeProbe="cali_315202567_probe">      
      <flow begin="0"    end="3600" route="cali1_fallback" vehsPerHour="2500" type="t0" departPos="free" departSpeed="max"/>
      <flow begin="3600" end="7200" route="cali1_fallback" vehsPerHour="5000" type="t0" departPos="free" departSpeed="max"/>

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