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Re: [sumo-user] Use the rerouter to simulate the centralized parking management strategy

The above description should indeed lead to a fluid centralized parking simulation. However, your use of the rerouter attribute 'timeThreshold="5"' currently causes vehicles to ignore the central parking guidance before they have waited at least 5s.

Am Mi., 16. Feb. 2022 um 10:05 Uhr schrieb 何润恺 <h772021995@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi, Dear Sumo users and developers,

I want to ask and discuss whether it is possible to simply use the sumo rerouter function to simulate the centralized parking management strategy.

For example, I have set a rerouter as a centralized management rerouter. In the Rerouter "edges" attribute, all the edges in one city block were added. Moreover, all the parking areas were also added to the "parkingAreaReroute" attribute, and  the "visible" attribute set as True.

Does that mean the vehicles running in this block know all the occupancy of parking areas?

I have tried this way in my simulation, but I have observed that some vehicles, which should know the occupancy information, still go to the full occupied parking spaces.

I have checked the defination of the Rerouter and  I thought in the above scenarios rerouting conditions should be all met.

In the attached file is rerouter i have defined.

I want to ask if my understanding of rerouter is somehow wrong?

Best regards,
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