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I am using the file to run sumocfg file multiple times with different random seeds and averages trip statistics output. According to documentation,the default  number of runs is 10.A piece of my command window output is as below as expected. But I get a different number of trip output files(sometimes 7 run,sometimes 9 run, not 10) in my working directory. My sumocfg file content is at the end of the mail. What could be the reason for this?
My command window output:
 Inserted: count 10, min 500.00 (1373158593), max 500.00 (1373158593), mean 500.00, Q1 500.00, median 500.00, Q3 500.00
Running: count 10, min 0.00 (1373158593), max 0.00 (1373158593), mean 0.00, Q1 0.00, median 0.00, Q3 0.00
RouteLength: count 10, min 2002.90 (1373158593), max 2002.90 (1373158593), mean 2002.90, Q1 2002.90, median 2002.90, Q3 2002.90................
My sumocfg file content:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<configuration xmlns:xsi=""
        <net-file value=""/>
        <route-files value="bottleneck.rou.xml"/>
        <begin value="0"/>
<tripinfo-output value="trip_info.xml"/>
<statistic-output value="statistics_info.xml"/>
<summary-output value="summary_info.xml"/>
<output-prefix value="TIME" />
<duration-log.statistics value="True"/>
<tripinfo-output.write-unfinished value="True"/>
<step-length value="1.0"/>
<random value="True"/>
<start value="True"/>
<quit-on-end value="True"/>


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