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[sumo-user] Generate SUMO routes from GPS Traces

Dear SUMO Team,

i use SUMO to test alternative routing algorithms, therefor i want to pass my own route to SUMO rather then let it calculate by SUMO. The problem which I'm facing right now is that i have GPS Traces that are always located exactly in the middle of the edge, respectively between two lanes, see the turquoise points in the attached screenshot.

First i tried to get the edges with the function traci.simulation.convertRoad(long, lat, isGeo=True).
The Second thing that i tried was the

Both approaches ended with the same result, the generated edges are invalid because of the insecurity to choose the right lane when the trace is between two lanes.

Is there anything else that i can do to solve this problem?

Best regards,

Martin Högner

Attachment: gpsTraces.png
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