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[sumo-user] SL2015 lane change model long vehicle overtaking bug still remains

Hello Jakob,

I have two lanes on a single 1000m length of road and have configured it to use the SL2015 lane change model by setting the <lateral-resolution value="3.2" /> option in "processing" in the configuration file. The value 3.2 m is the default lane width in SUMO as far as I know.

  <edge id="1f2" from="1" to="2" numLanes="2" />

I want to run the simulation until 100 vehicles have departed and arrived in their destination.


    <vType id="veh" length="5" />
    <route id="r0" color="1,1,0" edges="1f2" />
    <flow id="f" color="0,1,0"  begin="0" number="100" vehsPerHour="10000" type="veh" route="r0" departLane="random" departSpeed="random" arrivalLane="random" />

My TraCI code looks like:


step = 0
GHOST_POS = 750.0
traci.vehicle.add(vehID='ghost', routeID='r0', typeID='veh', depart=0, departLane=0, departPos=GHOST_POS, departSpeed='random', arrivalLane='current', arrivalPos=GHOST_POS)
traci.vehicle.setStop(vehID='ghost', edgeID='1f2', pos=GHOST_POS, duration=10, until=END)# flags=0, startPos=0, until=120)
arrived = 0
while arrived < NUMBER_OF_VEH:
    arrived += traci.simulation.getArrivedNumber()

When my ghost vehicle length is set to 500m on one of the lanes, the other vehicles struggle to go around it or overtake it and they are stuck on the other lane at speed 0. There's just a huge queue of vehicles stopped right next to the 500m ghost vehicle. The fix mentioned before (even after updating my SUMO to make sure it is the same as the main branch) - seems to not fix it in my case since I am using the SL2015 lane-changing model? 

The fix on seems to be only for the LC2013 model. Please advise.

Thank you.


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