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Re: [sumo-user] netedit crashes

Uhh, steps reproducing...

Quite difficult. Momentarily I can only say that my current session is doing quite a lot of new junctions and edges, rather than modifying existing ones. Another possible hint: I'm removing many edges and in place of the removed ones dual edges (bidirectional bicycle paths) are inserted. This goes also associated with junction merges where the bicycle path in construction crosses a junction (steps E-mode, shift-click insert junction, then merge).

I'll try to be aware what stepts cause crashes...

Am 05.02.2022, 14:51 Uhr, schrieb Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx>:

No, we don't have this. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you can describe steps for reproducing the crash, we'll make sure to have it fixed asap.

Am Sa., 5. Feb. 2022 um 13:42 Uhr schrieb Rob Maris <rob@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Sometimes, during editing, the application exits suddenly. Just this time, over half of an hour work has been lost and I have to execute the edits again. Is there any autosave feature built in where e.g. only the interval times of autosave must be specified?
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