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[sumo-user] Total Travel Time Difference

I obtained results of simulations from statistic output option. Also I set options the trip-info-output.write-unfinished and duration-log.statistics. According to documentation ( from usage example part formula ,I calculated the "TotalTravelTime". My calculation and result in xml file are different. XML file result is like below:
<statistics xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
    <vehicles loaded="2000" inserted="1847" running="185" waiting="153"/>
    <teleports total="0" jam="0" yield="0" wrongLane="0"/>
    <safety collisions="0" emergencyStops="0"/>
    <persons loaded="0" running="0" jammed="0"/>
    <vehicleTripStatistics routeLength="1877.47" speed="6.59" duration="320.59" waitingTime="66.86" timeLoss="179.10" departDelay="62.99" departDelayWaiting="139.60" totalTravelTime="592134.00" totalDepartDelay="137707.00"/>
    <pedestrianStatistics number="0" routeLength="0.00" duration="0.00" timeLoss="0.00"/>
    <rideStatistics number="0"/>
    <transportStatistics number="0"/>

I calculated the totalTravelTime according to formula: totalTravelTime =
vehicles.inserted * (vehicleTripStatistics.duration + vehicleTripStatistics.departDelay) + vehicles.waiting * vehicleTripStatistics.departDelayWaiting
I calculated like  1847*(320.59+62.99)+153*139.60=729831.1 
but in xml file, it is "592134.00". Why occurs this difference? Thank for your help.

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