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Re: [sumo-user] Scenario with demand loaded from vehroute-output behaves different from the original run

The features you mentioned are not available in the latest release (1.12.0).
However, you can upgrade to the latest development version and set sumo option --replay-rerouting for an accurate replay.

For this to work, the following options must be set for the initial oneShot simulation:

--precision 15

The development version can be downloaded at


Am Mo., 31. Jan. 2022 um 19:07 Uhr schrieb Khaled Belhassine <khaled.belhassine@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


I am trying to re-create a scenario which uses oneshot assignment. I export the final routes by using --vehroute-output option and provide that as an input to my simulation again
I get a totally different traffic situation a lot of teleports.

As Recommanded here, I would like to know how to : 

  • add option to rerouting device to load vehroute output that includes all routes and the time of rerouting
  • add event based commands to replay the rerouting at the respective times
I used this configuration : 

        <net-file value=""/>
        <route-files value="trips.ssr.xml,truck.rou.xml"/>

        <additional-files value="capteurs_feux_circulations_optimise_b_v2.add.xml,vtype.add.xml,phasage_feux.xml,e1_freq_3600_comp_st_Maurice_captoff_update_capt_on.add.xml,parking.xml,calibration-f-mdf-pos-calb.xml,tls_Programs.xml,tls_state.xml,tls_Switches.xml,tls_SwitchStates.xml"/>
        <begin value="0"/>
        <route-steps value="200"/>
        <routing-algorithm value="astar"/>
        <device.rerouting.probability value="1"/>
        <device.rerouting.period value="30"/>
        <vehroute-output.exit-times value="true"/>
        <vehroute-output.last-route value="true"/>
        <vehroute-output.sorted value="true"/>
        <vehroute-output.dua value="true"/>
        <vehroute-output.intended-depart value="true"/>
        <vehroute-output.speedfactor value="true"/>
        <verbose value="false"/>
        <no-warnings value="True"/>

        <phemlight-path value="PHEMlight"/>
        <device.emissions.probability value="1"/>

        <gui-settings-file value="osm.view.xml"/>

Best regards

Khaled Belhassine, M.Sc. 
Professionnel de recherche en géomatique
Université Laval

Local 2518, Pavillon Palasis-Prince
2325, rue de la Terrasse
Québec, QC, G1V 0A6

Tél.:  418.656.2131 poste 406590
Site internet :

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