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[sumo-user] XML files and syntax errors with SAGA

Hi everyone,

I'm using sumo simulation and particularly SAGA to generate population activities that are 
represented by the activity_generation.merged.rou.xml XML file.  To this file I added params via py scripts
such as this one which indicates the zone of the person to which belongs :
<param key="zone" value="-99757" />

Simulation runs about 3000 seconds and I get errors such as :

Error: equal sign expected   ||||||OR|||||| Error: whitespace expected

 In file 'activity/activity_generation.merged.rou.xml'

 At line/column 24762/29.

By verifying the file the syntax is Ok. 

As a solution, I unified all XML manipulation using lxml.etree instead of mixing both lxml and standard ElementTree. But I still get the same errors. 

Thank you very much for your solutions suggestions.

Best regards.

El-arbi El-alaouy

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